After all our hiking, we decided to do a beach day, so off we drive to Elafonissi Beach, also known as Pink Beach. Certain times a year, the sand on this beach is a light pink color, but not this time of year. We got there early after surviving a winding, mountain road. The beach was empty at 9:00. We grabbed an umbrella and two lounges, went for a swim and started working on our books and tans. Little by little the lounges by us filled up. Soon the sand between us and the water filled up. There must have been a couple thousand people at the beach, but it is so large it doesn’t seem like Waikiki where it is shoulder to shoulder, feet to head.

For some reason, I thought the water would be really warm, but it was a little brisk, about 77 degrees F. Once you got wet, it felt good. This was one of those beaches where you can wade out forever, your feet always in sand.

We left around 2:30 with our pelts all tanned and two books finished. Back into the car and ready for the mountain road again. Here are some driving videos:

Driving and Raki

The Tunnel

Cute Village

We have fallen in love with Crete. A special place for us.

Next up: ATHENS

4 thoughts on “LAST DAYS ON CRETE

    • You would LOVE Crete, Elena. You and Gary would just eat up the Samaria Gorge…so beautiful, such a great hike.
      Trip almost at a close….a little time in Nafplio and then home at the end of the week.

  1. You got me giggling, Bob! The roads and sights are amazing! Anytime you take pictures of the colorful buildings, it makes me feel like Fancher Hts is a little boring. So much beauty and color! Love it!

    • I have so many pictures of these buildings. Every corner you come to is a new picture opportunity. Just beautiful!!!!!
      Glad you like the videos….we have fun making them!

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